The Art of Zen Devilry

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This guys is the master of Zen Devilry...

You can learn so much from him about what NOT to do as a spiritual teacher.

Check out his chanel on YT...its called CarbonationTV...the  video above was posted by one of the many people trying to expose what he's doing.

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Zen devilry plays a part

even devils need a Master


Song by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

”Death’s Door”

I don't know what I hold in my hand
Could it be that I'm evil?
Plunder on theres no law in this land,
The horror guides me through
Masterer and subjector of pain
I'm the Godder of worms
Devil's Lieger controls the insane
You'll see it when I'm through
I'll hang you higher than before
I'll leave you dying at death's door
Overruller and slaver of blood
She's impaled in the fire
Fear of God drags her name through the mud
And now her life's cut short
Dominator and firmer of sins
I'm the lord of the wastelands
Bloody hammers and burning hot pins
Her story shall be told
I'm the juster and steerer of good
As they lace my hand with gold
I'll stand guard as she's nailed to the wood
No truer man than me
I'm the king and tormentor of all
As I travel the cities
Broken peasants and mayors shall call
My blood lust never ends


a fully enlightened being will do whatever is required to wake people around him or her up, keep that in mind. A guru is only a reflection of its student

the only question: who is truly enlightened?

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