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Let's collect examples of social conditioning. Post your examples below.



Money buys happiness

We have to get our protein from meat

Go to school, find a job, get married

It's normal to watch porn

Life is dangerous

Consciousness is located in the brain

Reality is a material, physical system


Beliefs in dating:

  • You need looks, money and status to get beautiful women
  • Women are special creatures that need to be on a pedastal
  • Be super nice to women. Agree with everything she says, buy her gifts, show her you love her.



  • Obey authority figures
  • Unquestionably accept everything you're being taught
  • Truth comes from an outside authority
  • Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat
  • Non-compliance is punished
  • Comform: intellectually and socially



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"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." - Albert Einstein


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I was sheltered and kept away from the school system just think how weird this world is to me

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Nothing is absolutely black or white. Dont fall on the ego trap when he wants to label everything.

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Oh boy, I distinctively remember one of my first social conditioning experiences.

My mum liked to watch soap operas. There are about 4 mainstream ones in the UK that last from about 6:30-9. So this was a regular evening in my childhood. 

I remember asking my mum why me and my sister had different dads. She explained how she just has a different dad, but she's still my sister, just more like a half sister. 

I didn't really know how to react but I suppose I intuited that I should be upset, even though I genuinely wasn't. So I reacted with a thousand yard stare, as if I was in deep contemplation over how my whole life had been a lie! Lol. 

It felt very soap opera-esque. And I even felt like I had learned it off there. 

I was like 6-8 at the time and was very aware that I was pretending because I thought I should. 

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Celebrating holidays

"Started from the bottom and I just realized I'm still there since the money and the fame is an illusion" -Drake doing self-inquiry

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That people have status. Celebrities are better and more valuable than you. You are more valuable than a bum on the streets. One person is better than another.

That the purpose in life is to pursue / reach happiness. Or that there even is such a thing.

Rape is immoral and you shouldn't rape. Murder is immoral and you shouldn't kill. That there is even a thing called morality and ethics.

That you should do things that are higher on the SD scale and avoid doing things that are lower. That you should try to climb the SD scale and doing so will make you a better person. That green is better than orange or blue. That yellow is better than green. Obviously the general public has never heard about SD so this only applies to communities like this forum.

That you should care about other people and strangers. That you should help other people.

That you should care about the environment. That you should care about climate change.

That you must reach enlightenment. That reaching enlightenment is the best thing / only worthwhile thing to do in life. Again, only in places like this forum.

Although I wouldn't call status, happiness, morality strictly social conditioning. It seems these things are instinctual for some people at least. It was shocking when I found out rape isn't immoral to many people.

Edit: that people have rights.

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