Would someone share their thoughts on these vaccine statistics?

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@Leo Gurai wonder how many anti vaccination documentaries you guys have actually seen. @Cepzeu no science has not fully understood how the human body works as a system. Diseases were made up to explain and is a misinterpretation of what’s actually going on. 

“Diseases are a copyrighted “fiction” that mirrors damage from acidic lymph”

9 hours ago, Cepzeu said:

There are viruses and bacteria that can do as they please with the human body. You will have no natural defence. They will rape and kill every cell in your body until you are a melted liquid mess on the ground (figuratively speaking). A human without access to modern medicine is like the US without its military and combat technology.

You’re being programmed my friend. The lymphatic system is the “culturing medium” , and it’s the system the holopathic community hasn’t figured out. Take a step back, cuz if you don’t, you will never get to truth in understanding. Why has detoxification been known to heal even the worst cancer? Because our bodies are incredible healing machines when they aren’t constantly being compromised by what is put in them. Viruses are not the same as bacteria and they actually destroy the unhealthy/damaged cells and how and why these cells got this way is still a mystery to the holopathic community 

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@Keyhole have you watched this yet? I suggest you could check out some documentaries on anti vaccs and do research unless you’re unable to drop your beliefs to see other perspectives to the answers of your objections*qylk9n*_ga*YW1wLW9QRHNCLV81Y3dqZGJVSm9YakJ0NVZSSTRqNmo1eGlmYnZ0aDVSVF82azF2cDIwOXBEUE40N3pLbzdPMW5CRnM.#respond


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@Cepzeu Thorough answer, learned new things, thanks!

14 hours ago, Cepzeu said:

TL;DR - adjuvants (like aluminium) make vaccines much more effective. They are there for a reason.

Didn't know that.

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I find it hard to believe that not vaccinating is the right solution, I probably would've vaccinated my children, although here's a article about a study which says non-vaccinated children are doing better off, I do still think it's pretty unclear what the right solution is, in finding out the truth I think it's important to consider the facts - vaccination can be known to help, I think it would be hard for scientists to pull off a lie like that, especially considering the first evidence of it going back to 1000 C.E. China.

But modern society is different in many ways, I personally haven't researched it much, but we should consider the Spiral Dyanmics stage orange medical business and what they might've done that we still don't know about. And maybe other un-researched or less known factors about modern society, how pollution, large amounts of people, etc. Might affect this. 

If your saying you do know, it doesn't matter if your wrong or right, your creating the possibility that you could be wrong, and even worse, your likely not going to do anymore personal research on the subject as well.

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Research questionnaire to learn the facts if you’re still pro vaccination 

 Please answer them all (do your research)

1. Name 5 vaccine ingredients.
2. What is MRC-5?
3. What is WI-38?
4. What is vaccine court?
5. What is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?
6. What is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act?
7. How has the CDC schedule changed since 1986?
8. How much money has been paid out by vaccine injury court?
9. How many doses of how many vaccines are in the CDC schedule between birth and age 
10. Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue? If so, which vaccines? And how many aborted babies were needed before they found one with the virus necessary to create the vaccine?
11. Do any vaccines contain dog, monkey, pig, and human DNA?
12. What is an adjuvant?
13. What is an antigen?
14. Which arm of the immune system do vaccines stimulate?
15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
16. What is transverse myelitis?
17. What is encephalopathy?
18. What is the rate of autism in 2017, what was it in 2000? What was it in 1990?
19. What is glyphosate and is it in vaccines?
20. If your child is injured, who will take physical, emotional, and financial responsibility?
21. What was the Supreme Court’s statement on vaccines in 2011?
22. Can you provide a study showing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes?
23. Can you show me a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple vaccines?
24. What is shedding?
25. Do vaccines shed? Which vaccines can shed for up to 6 weeks?
26. Which vaccines are live virus vaccines?
27. What is the VICP?
28. What is SV40?
29. What is MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase)?
30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminum to ingest per day and how much is injected via the hep B vaccine on day one of life? 
31. Can someone who was vaccinated for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it? If so, for how long?
32. What is the death rate from measles in the US from 2005-2015? From the MMR vaccine in same time frame?
33. What does attenuated mean? 
34. Where can I find information about vaccines?
35. Are there vaccine consent forms?
36. Can the vial stopper cause allergic reaction?
37. Can there be serious reactions to vaccines?
38. What is NVIC?
39. Is there any compensation for physicians who have a certain percentage of their patients vaccinated?

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I don't know about vaccines (if they're good or not), but from my background with the mental health system, I don't doubt that the vaccine industry would take advantage of people.

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