Texting as a social skill(not for dating)

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Since 2016 I really decided that I wouldn't try to have conversations with people over text, only using it as a tool for scheduling going out with people. Now that I'm working on improving my social skills (they're already way better btw) I'm reviewing my old concepts about online communication.

Why I'm reconsidering it? Because I don't really see my friends regularly and the best way (as I think right now) to improve my bonds is by IRL conversation and acitivities. I already started inviting some of them to go out to museums, smoking weed, meditation and simple activites like those (yeah, I know, the weed part...).

In short: 1. Is texting a crucial social skill to develop so one can have a more fulfilling social life?

2. If yes, do you have any suggestions for developing it?

3. Your experiences, please.

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Its not a crucial skill but its helpful to be good at it writing and use it to make plans joke but light people cant see your intentions...

Who teaches us whats real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend?Who chain us? And who holds the Key that can set us free? 

It's you.

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@Espaim texting it's like approaching face to face but a tad colder. Imo do it when there's no other choice. What you've done, letting yourself explore the world outside and leaving the phone behind, is a big step to change the humanity. People need more time together, face to face conversation, the real deal. If you can do that properly, no need to worry about the digital, it comes second. The goal I suppose is to have the skills to deeply communicate, express yourself, watch and feel everything,... The screen lacks of that opportunity. Focus on the real stuff. And consider that when you do that, people tend to get that as the truth, they're basing their opinions more on the real stuff than online.(well, there are also exceptions, once I unfriended a contact from an old account, when I saw them in person they were so butt-hurt they didn't return a 'hi'. Lol) 

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Being able to text well isn’t crucial however is a nice addition if the rest of you social skills are on point.

I can offer some tips and tricks.

1. It’s almost never a good idea to text someone because your are bored or lonely. Like asking randomly asking how/what someone is doing.

 2. Smilies are a useful addition to express emotions. However using them in almost every text feels dishonest.

3. Girls especially often write loooong texts, be it friend or romantic interest, responding to these texts briefly is generally not the best option.

4. Guys are often more to the point and often prefer if you are. However jokes are greatly  appropriated. 

5. Don’t get drunk and text your exes:D actually avoid texting in general when under the influence of drugs.

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