Low sex drive/motivation(former antidepressant user)

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@Espaim Sorry to hear that you haven't come to a complete solution yet.

At the risk of sounding like a meathead: are you doing heavy squats and deadlifts?

That, combined with the practice of non-ejaculation, is definitely working for me in exploding feelings of masculine sexuality.


Here's another thought: many people are actually trying to get rid of sexual desires and thoughts. Especially when they don't need them (no partner in the room, trying to work on a project)

Which begs the question: are you sure it's not situational?

What if you're not getting sexual urges until you really need them.

In other words: if a very attractive person, male or female, whichever you prefer, was naked in bed with you, pressing her/his body against yours, are you sure nothing would happen?

Might be worth testing out.


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15 hours ago, Espaim said:

My bodyfat was never measured but by looking at sample photos it's around 20%(±2)

Looking at photos is good enough for this. Sounds like you're not obese or anything. Excess bodyfat can cause reduced testosterone or increased estrogen, but 20% isn't so much by modern standards.

Maybe you just have less sex drive than other people and it doesn't have to be considered a problem. Sometimes fretting about something like this can just exaggerate the problem. Maybe just let it be and don't worry about it too much.

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So , happy news!

I tripped on magic mushrooms(1g cubensis) and had a lot of insights on my personality and, of course, sexuality. Now my sex drive went up a lot and I have a fuckton of motivation. I start the day looking forward with an amazing mood.

When I first heard about psychedelics curing depression and anxiety I didn't think it would be so effective lol.

I saw a psychiatrist for motivation and tiredness and he gave me methylphenidate. It was working for 1-3 hours before taking me into a shitty spiral of unproductivity. Yesterday I took a pill and was even less productive than before. I think I don't need it anymore.

I'll update in some weeks to see if the effects persist.

Thank you all!

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Get testosterone levels checked. Eat a leafy green high micro and high protein diet. Sleep 8 hours a night. Drinks 3L of water. Start working out. Start jogging. At your age, I was fapping 24/7 lol. SRIs kill libido. Look into counter balance the drugs. You might be off it now but remnants probably are still there. Jon Jones still pops by usada due to the amount of gear he took between breakfast and brunch. 

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Update after 6 months.

After one more 3g mushroom trip on January my sex drive came back fully but it backfired. Now I'm addicted to porn.

Shit. I must thereon be more careful with my wishes.

I also started taking Ritalin in December. It made me very anxious and helped with motivation only a bit. Now I'm using Modafinil.

General changes since september:

  • Not a vegetarian anymore;
  • I don't feel cognitive dysphoria as often;
  • I feel less tired overall;
  • Quitted caffeine completely (no chocolate, no coffee, no caffeine pills);
  • Quitted soda completely;
  • Quitted refined sugar (had a relapse or 2);
  • I've been much more social (till coronavirus :( )

Didn't change:

  • My motivation to do things didn't change that much. I procrastinate even on Modafinil (even though I'm able to complete more tasks while on it).
  • I still eat a considerable amount of chips.
  • I quit the gym because I had no money then I got back on it on february.

Planning to(next 6 months):

  • I started a simple aerobic exercise last week and I plan to follow it for at least 3 months 4x/week;
  • Reduce the amount of fapping per week to 2 and eliminate porn;
  • Stop eating wheat (I already reduced wheat comsumption a lot, I just didn't stop completely);
  • Go to a dietitian and plan my eating habits accordingly; 


I'm probably not going to update this anymore because this is the Health section.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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On 22.10.2019 at 2:03 AM, outlandish said:
  • You might want to talk to an actual doctor and get some blood work done.
  • Avoid plastics, flame retardants and pesticides. Some of these can be hormone disruptors
  • Like others have said try ditching soy because of the hormone disruptors
  • How's your bodyfat level?
  • 5-10 eggs seems excessive to me

Eggs are fine, 4-6 

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@Germo Eggs are fine, 8-12.

Honestly, I can't imagine myself eating less anytime soon, it's like the best protein source imo.

Many people are allergic tho.

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@StarStruck Yeah I'm gonna do no nut november as well but I'm not sure if it actually boosts testosterone, it can actually cause a decrease it if you do it for 90+ days right.

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