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Spiritual Escapism

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Hey Leo, could you do a video on how people use enlightenment or spiritual growth in a way that would be considered devilry. This could be about how people use spirituality or enlightenment to escape from real life issues and problems in their life and how they neglect these issues. If someone is very poor and has few resources and they start getting into enlightenment or spirituality as an escape from their "bad" position in life and neglect their finances. Also people will probably reply to this saying that "real life issues are just illusions and not really real" but if you are not enlightened and still hold non dual perceptions you are still stuck in this paradigm and just saying that doesn't really mean anything because you still hold this perception. I'm not saying that it only has to be about finances or anything it could also be about other things people neglect in their lives that will cause more problems if they are not addressed. 

Why am I so differently wired? Am I a martian?

What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in?

Because I don't belong in this world. -Eminem

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