How to Eat Consciously and Enjoy Healthy, Simple Food

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During my 5 month Ayahuasca retreat in the jungle, I was only eating very simple food - no sugar, oil or salt. I was disconnected from the "real world" of social media, phone, internet, TV and most of the other modern daily distractions. 

As a result, my five senses got reset back to "default". I became very sensitive and aware of tastes, smells, sounds and I also started to see beauty in nature and all around me, I became more sensitive to touch, all of my senses got a reboot and I started to feel more alive. 

This video demonstrates one of the benefits I got from this kind of sense reboot. I learned to enjoy eating simple food, I could actually taste what potato tastes like on it's own without any spices or salt.  Mixing ingredients in my mouth became a fun experiment to see how different flavors interact with each other and then I could learn what food my body actually likes and prefers, instead of what my mind constantly used to crave.

By learning to eat consciously, with awareness, by appreciating and being grateful for the food that is grown from the mother Earth that keeps us nourished and alive, the food starts to taste good, we can learn to enjoy food by being fully in the presence with it with all 5 senses engaged, and at the same time get nourished by it's nutrients, food becomes medicine for our mind, body and soul, only if we are able to increase the quality of our consciousness to realize that food is literally life and understand how important it is to build healthy relationship with it so that we don't look at it as just "fuel" that needs to be "swallowed". 

Eating food is a sacred process, it's an act of unconditional love, it's a reminder that Earth provides everything we need for free we just need to remember to be grateful and appreciate all the gifts offered, so that we can have a loving symbiotic relationship with Nature and bring our lives back to harmony.

"Beauty sees beauty." ~JHS

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