Reply to Tinder update - Mother Nature is an asshole to women

By possibilities,
This is going round and round in circles @DrewNows Here's how the pattern goes: 1. you make claim 2. I refute claim 3. you make original claim without addressing my refutation 4. I say I've already refuted it 5. you go back to number 3 continuously. " Just realize that your perspective isn’t any better than another’s unless it’s perceived through your very own view.   " Here we go again, alright, would you be willing to volunteer photographs or put yourself through tinder compared to a model to see if its "just my worldview"? Like I've stated time and time again here, I'm not stating my worldview I'm trying to understand the worldview of Mother Nature. "The question is, why do you choose to hold the perspective you believe to be true? Do you even exist without your perspective? How do you know what you know and why? How can you see what you do not see or know that which you do not know? " This would would be number 3. My prediction is you'll likely just repeat number three in different ways. Well, looks I've hacked your strategy here, I wonder if you'll shift strategies now.