Third Vipassana Retreat

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Returned from a 10 Day Vipassana Course.

I've sat 3 courses and served one (cooking and cleaning for the meditators).

This time, I fought boredom instead of pain. 

That is a much subtler and deadlier beast - it can make you quit meditating or going to retreats altogether.

Because you get delusional and think you already know everything about it - there's nothing more to do or get. 

Total delusion and indicates lack of beginner's mind.

Strong, ambitious people know they can get through pain. 

They do it all the time. 

Strong, ambitious people do not like being bored, though!

This course was grindy. 

All about the work, remembering to come back to the work, and do it very correctly without added delusional bullshit. 

It was hard. 

And I didn't feel all happy and high at the end. 

I did feel wiser and humbled, though. 

Learned some hard lessons on this one. 

And was inspired to make this meme.

If you have questions, hit me up.


suffering drake.jpg

nothing is anything

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Congratulations! That's interesting how your experience was different and seems more advanced

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