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Looking For A Few Test Subjects

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I recently finished Radical Awakening level 2 Practitioners Training here: http://www.radicalawakening.org/    

What happens in a Radical Awakening Session: http://www.radicalawakening.org/awakening/session.html

I want to practice the techniques that I learned. I am looking for a couple of people to practice on. I was thinking of doing some sessions over skype or something similar. As far as I know this has not been tried in a remote format so I'm not sure how well it will work. If you are interested, have an open mind, and can go into it with no expectations, contact me.

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Still looking for one or two more people. Here is some more information on the process. It is basically pointing out instructions involving changes in perceptions to point to the higher Self.

The Radical Awaking process was designed by a student of Papaji (Sri. H. W. L. Poonja), Yukio. Papaji was a direct student of Ramana Maharshi. Papaji  gave Yokio the name Ramana, after his own teacher. In 1995 Papaji asked Ramana (Yokio) to work with a few people who were having trouble with Ramana Maharishi’s self-inquiry. The Seven Steps to Radical Awakening was born out of that request.

If you are interested in checking out a free session via skype message me.


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