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Life is like a woman, she’s all good until you tell her your a mystic

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You can’t stop the force of things organising at more complex levels. I saw a glimpse of the echo chamber like 10 hours ago. ? at was a beautiful sight to behold. 

It revolves around “do what you want to do” and everyone understanding there are multiple pathways and finally aligning life purpose to the whole mix! What ever that may be! 

??‍♂️ The reason I say that it’s going to take 4-5+ to come online, is because you need the right ratio of people in each group. Kinda like how population census are taken of birds by tagging them without them knowing ? and the data processed while they continue to live their normal life. 

Basically the faster people become systems thinkers, the faster the echo chamber works. Which is inevitable if people want to find their life purpose (if it’s ridiculously big one) maximising infinity ? as it is eventually where all paths lead. 

My work here is done, sending to the stratosphere ?. I never involve myself in my a system because I’m highly immature and unreliable. So it’s better just to cater it to others strengths :) maximising good-ness heyyyyy. 

I’m probably addicted to telling truth now out of passion ??‍♂️. So I have to make a final good bye statement. So I definitely don’t come back and remember this just to not come back for a while. 

Will probs need to come back for updating book list and life purpose course in the future but that’s a story for another day. ♟

good luck everyone in your endeavours! Life is a funny thing, we’re always where we should be, when we should be, doing what we should be~ unconditional love. 

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