Feeling of “softness” or “extra vulnerability” on LSD?

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The first time i took LSD (2 tabs), i remember distinctly i took on a new feeling i wasn't familiar with. Throughout most or certain parts of my body, i began to feel sensations of “softness” or perhaps “vulnerability” associated with whatever was in my sensory experience. As im beginning to meditate more frequently, i am starting to feel this exact same sensation, and when i become less conscious it goes away; so i take to it that this odd and illusive feeling thats really hard to describe perfectly has some association with becoming aware of experience. So im wondering, has anybody else felt this feeling of “softness” “willingness” or perhaps a sort of “fragile intensity” within themselves?

It could be just energy flowing throughout me, but the sensation of energy has always seemed to be a slight mystery for me, as i previously had never felt it but recently ive had some experiences where i feel a slight intensity in certain spots of myself (not the same as this softness i describe, however right now im experiencing the softness i described WITHIN the intensity. It seems like the softness is a feeling associated with sensory experience.) Right now i feel that intensity and the softness around my third eye; which would help the case that the intensity is energy because I've done a lot of practices for the third eye in recent time. 

So tell me what you think, have you felt this feeling of softness or fragile and vulnerable intensity before? If you know what it is im talking about please describe it in detail for me, thanks!

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Yes - this is honestly one of my favourite parts of my LSD experiences, embrace it. Same thing happened on my one and only MDMA experience. Meditation totally has enhanced it too for me. 

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