Thanks to Actualized.org, I Discovered & Treated My Erectile Dysfunction Condition!

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It turned out that I had what is known as erectile dysfunction condition (never heard of it before), and because of bad knowledge about sex since it is a taboo where I live (iraq), I wasn't able to be aware of this condition, and I used to blame the girls that I have encounters with, and it never came to my mind that it could be a dysfunction in my body. The way I blamed them is that I thought they were not focusing well, and putting me off when not fully immersing in sex and making notes and being too sensitive. 

The way Actualized.org videos helped, is that it introduced me to the idea of supplements, through Leo's two videos on that, and his mentioning of the importance of trying substances, which really encouraged me to try some of the supplements that I can lay my hand on. Before that, there was this notion that "I am in a great shape, and nothing is dysfunctional in me, and I need no supplements, because I am young and nothing is wrong with me". It made it worse that the culture of taking supplements here in my country is mostly something prescribed by doctors for older people only (50+), and the rest of the populations don't know about it, except for athletes who take protein and the basic stuff.

Today, I am building my supplements collection (including Nootropics), and I am also writing notes, and trying to develop sensitivity towards their effects. You might wonder what helped me in my sexual issue, and it is the "Horny Goat" weed. 

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@Wasem Thanks Man. I will keep that in mind when I have a problem. I watched too much porn and am desensitized to it, and sometimes have a difficulty getting a hard on. This might help in the future. 

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13 hours ago, Espaim said:

Have you tried Maca or Tribulus Terrestris?

I tried Maca, it didn't work. Seems like ER can't be treated by Maca. The latter I don't know what it is. 

However I am good now, and also I've seen this report, and it turned out the porn fucks up your brain. would like to share it here


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