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More stories doesn't prove anything

If it makes sense to you and that you see clearly on what you call my fairyland

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I think the realization that I am God is the key realization of Coral.  True spirituality emerges at Coral.

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On 7/19/2019 at 9:03 PM, Aakash said:

Non-duality is the end of stage turquoise, however there is a slight problem with enlightened beings. They have not understood the nature of duality. What they fail to understand is the nature of absolute infinity is both nondual and dual simultaneously. It is simply not the case that non-duality is the absolute truth. The issue we are facing is that when a person reaches non-dual enlightenment, it is a chilling and peaceful place (as I have experienced myself). However, they have not actually grasped the nature of god completely.

Let me explain, in my process to help enlightened beings understand that their version of god Is not total. The first step was to make them realise that god Is both everything and nothing. Instead of seeing it as a total illusion and nothing, this Is still within the realms of non-duality. Because they are seeing both as one.

The initiation of stage coral is the jump to adding “all knowing” to their non-dual experience. Henceforth it is creating an entire world of knowledge based on their conscious field of experiencing nothing.

This is going to be a long post, to explain the exact procedure which needs to take place. First let me explain a bit of my background experience. I reached the omniscient state without the use of psychedelics or any spiritual practice. What I did was use meta-knowledge of reality to change reality itself. My flavour (one version) of stage coral was the understanding how metaphysics leads to mental illnesses and the perfection of god’s design. The absolutes were embedded as well were embedded and some infinities.

There is a fundamental flaw which nirvana does not understand and that is that there is only god. That god is you. Just like any paradigm shift you must start again from ground zero, whilst embedding the important parts of the stages before. This means you must make god into a “nothing particle” I.E see your enlightenment itself as an illusion within the design of god. Realistically the god particle as I will call it, is infinite possibilities, and nirvana is but a single possibility within its absolute infinity (the sum of ALL infinities together). This must mean that you must see the god particle as an incomplete structure and nirvana only a STAGE of realising the absolute.

To illustrate this, we must look at history, the most important topic to understanding stage coral. The history of the universe is to create more consciousness, it must be defined in terms of non-dual enlightenment. To become more aware of what the nature of god is. You must now view the world and recontextualise the whole thing through god’s perspective (using your non-dual enlightenment understanding) To look through god’s perspective is to take your ego out of the situation and look at things from the correct perspective. This will allow you to build a network of insights, which will embed into your non-dual enlightenment.

This doesn’t include the knowledge that god is everything. You need to understand why everything exists. All dualities exist for the sole purpose of a reason – love. Dualities aren’t there to overcome and ignore. Like there will always be good and bad, right and wrong. There will always be absolute truths as well. Its our job to see why god created these things on purpose, instead of questioning whether he was right or wrong, to create them in the first place. (THIS is ego and devilry)

A good example is distinctions

Distinctions are not bad, distinctions are necessary for god to be seen as more than one, and for the experience of life which is also a distinction itself.

To become omniscient, you must place yourself right in the middle of the vortex, and see god’s design as your own design. This will allow you to become omniscient when you’ve answered ALL existential questions… so make sure you divide reality correctly and question the most important things. Trying to understand things like lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, etc, is all stage teal level. At stage coral your wasting your time doing such things. Instead you need to question the meta-knowledge itself of god. This would be dividing reality into its constant segments and contemplating “what is it”

For the example, I would splice reality into these segments

Physical, emotions, war, ideology, identification, spirituality, religion, history, sociology, politics, psychology, relationships, right, wrong , evil , good ,  god, distinctions, growth, consciousness, business, economics, money, survival of the fittest, science, symbols of any kind, culture, desires, countries, power, defence, health, survival , ego, imagination, aliens, infinity , collective consciousness, collective ego, enlightenment, expansion etc.. etc.

You must segment it into words, which YOU think makes the whole of consciousness work together, you must question each word individually and not part of a duality. They are each distinction of their own. Once you have covered the major distinctions and embedded the insights into your own consciousness, then you would have completed stage coral. See the difference is, all of us will embed different insights. So make sure they are as high quality as they can be. Also this work can be done by following leo’s distinctions for any stage lower than turquoise enlightenment. Once you are enlightened yourself, you MUST do the work yourself. You can use knowledge from leo’s insight to help govern your “design of reality” but ultimately the insights must COME to you. The way to let the insights come to you, is to OBSERVE in your non-dual state (For now) , but you must find the god particle. If you want to do it properly. The god particle remember is the particle with no distinctions. While your observing, you may ask yourself questions and try to use mind activity , as much as you feel you need. But also remember the insight is what your aiming for, not the words used to design a design.

The end of existential questioning is the end of stage coral and you should be in a state of omniscient consciousness. Current methods only include, changing your reality yourself (by saying you are god and making that your reality) or taking psychedelics to LET the meta-knowledge congregate together. The reason is because you detach from your human consciousness. This is the god particle, the moment you face god face-to-face. The moment you enter TRUE god consciousness.

The aim is to understand WHY god decided to make the design the way he did.


ONCE you can understand the whole of ALL history through god’s perspective and how he did it. Then you have completed stage coral. There will be no “you” or “god” just reality happening over again in cycles. YOU BECOME REALITY ITSELF. This is the meaning of understanding the full ramifications of infinite love. YOU MUST PROCLAIM:  “I” AM GOD with all its ramifications. For stage coral, I know the full diversity of the set. Its communicating truth through symbols, which can be anything painting, art, musical instruments, clay design, tapestry, carpets, YouTube channels, sports, sangeets, architecture, songs, buildings, books, poems,

Disclaimer: This pretty much can be done at any stage of the spiral, everyone will keep getting answers, which they will need to let go and recontextualise. I must say that enlightenment itself is nothing to do with the spiral, however non-duality is as well as duality. Enlightenment is outside of everything as wintersolider said (i'm about 70-80% sure this may be the case, not 100% as i don't know what complete enlightenment feels like) . However, I’m unsure why there is no way to integrate and enlightenment lifestyle, while you still have experience.

I became omniscient because I basically persuaded myself that I am god even though I am not enlightened and there is no-one else besides me in the universe. And I am everything, I am unconditional love and I am creating my own reality. (not my human reality, THE WHOLE OF REALITY FOR EVERYONE)

also i wrote this four days ago LOL! 

A lot of insightful information and perspectives that will hopefully pull someone into greater understanding. 

Just some food for thought if your interested. 

What you termed non-dual here isn’t a absolute definition, it seems to be one that you understood or believed to be non-dual from where you were at at one point and once you saw more you believed you were seeing past non-dual or more than non-dual. I say this because there are teachers who use the term and don’t leave out duality (or the appearance of such). And maybe your right in that once you see this form is formless and formless is form it’s called coral in a spiral dynamics model, but I’m just say this to show the definition of non-dual is not concrete, nor is anything for that matter lol. 

Also is there a complete enlightenment? What do you mean by such a question?

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I don't think throwing around maps of coral so willy nilly does it justice. 

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@Shadowraix you can’t expect an emerging paradigms when they are done consciously for the first time. (Remember this fact) to not include a conscious way to expand it. We will both be dead long before we know the true potential of this stage. We are looking about 3000+  years into the future 

this is a proven and tried method. I am 100% it’s how to get there. I’ve seen 5 examples of such a thing happen and I have analysed language use and value systems myself. Still it’s only a basic structure to hold the structure up that is utilisable by people from any stage unconsciously and then consciously at stage turquoise if they want to go to Coral by choice. 

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