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Guilherme's No Plan's Plan.

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Self Explanatory title. just another journal. if there's any objective to it is increase my awareness, and try to live a more satisfactory life. As of right now it's pretty crappy. why? I don't know who I'm, nor who i want to be.  I"ve read and listened to tons of self help material, tried medications, nothing worked.

It only helped to increased my nihilism, accepting the idea that "i don't exist" without actually experiencing it, made it grow to the next level.

I'm living in a daze, i feel most of the days literally like i'm floating, maybe because my attention can't fix on anything for long, my "I" is weak, this black hole that drags every belief and experience feels dissipated and yet resisting.

i'm doing it again, overanalising shit, it all begins with the question why, why do i feel this way? why? Why? Why?


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