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how to do vipassana retreat?

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I'm a hardcore porn addict for like 10 years and I use porn to ease my pain.

I was thinking of doing a vipassana retreat for a week or something like that.

Can someone give me some tips?

How much should I meditate per day?

What reaction should I expect from my mind?

If I lock myself in a room and meditate for 5 hours can I count this as a retreat?

Do I have to go in the woods and mediate non-stop?

Please give me some advices, I'm such a newbie on this actualized thing, I'm so brainwashed by this addiction and it drains me mentally and physically.

Porn is on a click away in unlimited quantities right in my and unlimited.

I feel as a victim, I blocked it porn both on my mobile and my computer and now I have to go throw the withdrawal symptoms, and I want to go throw them consciously, meditating throw them.


So what are your tips guys?


Thanks for your answers(If any)

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Investigate in why you are addicted to porn.

Are you using porn as an escape? 

If you have nothing going for you, you're lonely, you're struggling, you dont have any sexual partners, It's easy to go watch porn to distract yourself. And so it becomes an addiction.

I'd say, get a longterm vision for bettering your life. It seems like the addiction is just a surface level problem, but the deeper issue is that you're just struggling your way through life, so you use it as an escape.

Meditation will definitely help you improve the quality of your life, also helping to reduce your impulses to jerk off to porn.


You could do a retreat right away, but i'd say it's more important to gradually build in more healthy habits, and removing the bad ones.


You don't have to go to a special location to meditate. It's available to you here and now. It helps to not be distracted tho.

Go watch Leo's videos on meditation if you want to know more about it. 


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You can register for a Vipassana retreat by going to


However having said that, I'd like to share a different perspective to the story. Hardcore Porn addiction usually is almost always related to emotional problems that were not dealt with in childhood. It usually has not much to do only with porn but has other root issues. 


So it might be difficult to meditate your way out of the addiction. I am not saying that is not possible but it could be very hard specially if the problem has to do with emotional trauma (from childhood).


So my advice would be to put your main attention into healing from any emotional issues you might have had in your early life and not too much on meditation (or reaching spiritual awakenings yet becauce you have to first do the foundational emotional healing).


Instead of Vipassana I would recommend you to join for an Osho Dynamic Meditation course which is focused on releasing emotional trauma. It would be great if you can also combine this with Psychoanalysis therapy sessions where trained analysts can find out why your addiction started in the first place and how it is all connected to your early life. You can also try Shadow work and Shamanic breathing by yourself. There is a great video by Leo for Shamanic breathing, it is a great way to release emotional trauma.


Just try any of these few techniques and stick to them for at least a year. It is not easy work and in the beginning you might not want to try it becauce it's uncomfortable to face emotional stuff. But in the end, that's where the real growth lies. 


All the best ;)

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