People who love everybody are unbearable

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Do you say this only because you can't love everybody? 

I mean I get you, when it's the type of person who only superficially "loves" everybody else because he/she thinks it's a good thing to do but can't actually truly love them, that's understandably oddly irritating. 

But even when we're talking about such kinds of people, why don't you step up and be the better example?:P Show them what it's like experiencing true love and then see what happens.

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Hello, I am The Devil. I am your best friend. I love you! Do you love me? 

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38 minutes ago, GreenWoods said:

That's why they killed Jesus...


Hard times create strong men. 
Strong men create good times. 
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

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