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Hey guys,

I am 21 currently working on my family business, we have a solid company that provide us with a confortable life.

I'm ok working here, but my passion in life is to play the drums, there is someting telling me inside to go foward in this hero journey.

But there is a lot of pression from my family that i am the one to keep growing the business, it is not something easy to abbandon for a dream.

And its is not a work i dont like, it is just that my dream life would be as a musician, i play the drums since i was a kid, and i am pretty god at it. 

I am willing to become a master. 

Could you guys give me some advice here please ?






My currently band :)



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I'd suggest that you go for your dream, life purpose. Maybe you can grow that family business on the side. Living the life that others want you to live, while you don't like/share their future vision of you that they imagine for you, is a recipé for bitterness and regret. 

It even could be, that your parents would admire you if you in their eyes, succeed with your career as a musician.


"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves."

- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I don't know enough about your life to offer advice. But I can say that you sound really good! I would love to hear more.

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@AudibleLocket  hey men ! you're in a really good position! and you really good on those drums bro! you can still get some income, and its a family buisness so its even better you work with them and support each other together! see how lucky you are, just keep goin at it.

be so good no one could ignore your drumming! and you doin it from a relly young age which is awesome. 

i want to become full time musician too, and i am thinking on a way to get enough income to do it and i am not playing for so long, keep mastering it wish you the best! you are young, play good and very lucky recognize that 


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