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Timothy Marc Free Live Masterclass for Online Business

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Hey there,

so I dont know if you know him but Timothy Marc has a free Masterclass going right now, I thought you might be interested in.

Wether or not this is all part of a marketing campaign, you are getting stuff for free. And maybe some of it is useful for you:


In a nutshell: Timothy (former RSD Tim) has a Coaching Programm he sold the last ~6 years, for about 6.000USD called "Secret Society Mastermind". Only opens on one day each year. But now he stopped and disappeared for a year. Last week he came back and now holds a rather private live webinar series (~100 people tune in each session). Which teaches mostly the same stuff he did the previous years but NEW :D

What hes about: Motivating you to live a life of "freedom fun and adventure" with a vision of "The Perfect Day". Creating "Value out of thin air" and tapping into the "Green River" (the constant money flow going on in the internet) by "Solving Pains & Problems". Walking down the "Dark Tunnel Of Doom" 80% percent of your time instead of doing research and theorizing about it. Launch a campaign with "Boldness" knowing that success is deeply intertwined with social constructs (ie. overcoming limiting beliefs). Find a "One Key Fan" that you can sell to, so niche niche niche! And use and to analyse competition and learn which campaigns work and which dont. And a few more things, also the course is still going on right now.


Bad parts first: This definitely a beginner guide to online marketing. Dont expect detailed sophisticated techniques! And I dont even know if what he says works. Most of his advice seems sound and makes sense. But some people claim that they didnt lead to much success for people:

Good parts: I think the beliefs he talks about to have as an entrepreneur are very good. Its motivating and entertaining to hear how Timothy conveys his teachings. Allthough one can argue that his persona seems a bit fake, I like the positivity he brings to it.


As you see Im kinda torn on what I think about this. Feel free to ask me more about him or tell me your opinions on his teachings.

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