How to overcome plateau

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I think this would be a really helpful topic. Once you get stuck at a specific level and can’t seem to improve anymore on a skill what do you need to do in order to breakthrough the plateau and keep improving?

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I agree that "feeling stuck" or bored, or even overly satisfied is probably a common enough hurdle in personal growth. 

I myself, sometimes wonder whether to push ahead with something if I don't feel quite right about it, or to wait. And of course, EVERYONE will give advice on this, sometimes, if not ALMOST ALWAYS with an undue amount of conviction!

Eventually one learns how to negotiate with oneself and think strategically, taking into account the hesitation and enquiring into what it might mean. Such work makes for fantastic pseudo-procrastination because it sometimes pays off, i.e. a new, more helpful perspective can be found with the right kind of focus (by the way, this kind of patient self-reflection can appear almost as genius by those who rarely take the time to do it - they simply cannot figure out how you made the jump through perspectival hyperspace, the answer being that you've spent your whole life working on your internal navicomputer). Where was I?

Oh yes, I think Leo has probably already covered this topic throughout his videos in some shape or form but due to the multitude of ways in which people can feel stuck and, human as we are, the fact that each time will feel like a new time, I would agree that it could be worth a video.

I actually don't have a good feel for the extent to which the topic has already been covered. That would need reviewing first. 



Profound Familiarity
An Audio Journal

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