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Is Magic Real?

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16 minutes ago, tsuki said:

Then why are you tagging me?

Duh! Do I need a reason?


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7 hours ago, Genghis Khan said:

Could you link me to any sources that can teach me how to utilize magick that can produce specific results? I want to prove it to myself irrevocably.

I tend to agree with occultists, the "physical world" is God's realm itself, and it's indistinct from the mind. So if one can control the mind, they can necessarily control reality.


@Genghis Khan Yes, first get a copy of Desire - The Tantric path to awakening. The occult is more similar to Tantra vs ascetic Yoga. Ancient texts say it is a faster path to enlightenment but more risky, due to possible attachments if not careful.

Then get a copy of the Yoga Sutras with commentary by Swami Satchinanda. Its important to transcend the ego and master your mind. Besides, the power in energetic traditions, including magick, is partially in the ability to concentrate the mind.

Then for the practice of practical magick, I personally believe that witchcraft and sorcery (working with spirits) is the most powerful way of affecting reality according to your will. Get two books to start with and study them:

Six Ways by Aiden Wachter

The Sorcerers Secrets by Jason Miller

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

PS Yes, magick is VERY real. You are in for quite an adventure :)

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I highly recommend (before starting a channel or putting anything in any of your orifices) you read/listen to Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov , all the answers to your questions and many more there. 

Good work !

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On 4/17/2019 at 7:50 PM, Genghis Khan said:

I'm not sure what to write here, because I'm not sure what I am. I feel like reality is breaking down. My mind is gone. Something has happened to me which can only be described as an extreme existential crisis and it's the most gruesome experience I've ever faced. I saw something that instantly changed everything about this life, and my mind is working tirelessly to take my focus off this reality. My mental state is one of shock, accompanied by confusion, fear, denial, and quite possibly psychosis. I'm having great difficulty just writing this, because my mind is so broken that I can't even be certain about what I'm writing. I've never experienced this level of emotional turmoil and inner conflict before. I truly feel as though I'm going insane. I feel like I've just stumbled into the secret of reality, and in doing so I have inadvertently rendered myself psychotic and unstable in the process.

In writing this, I need to be extremely careful because I have become aware of the apparent variables affected by what is said here, which is to say that this writing is intimately connected with everything else which manifests itself in reality.

The only thing I can do to make sure this writing correctly yields beneficial responses is to be as honest as humanly possible. I can no longer allow for my past habits to continue. Every thought I had and every word I spoke and written were all infected by a need to posture myself by projecting an image of an intelligent, insightful person, and proceeding to endlessly convince myself and others of this pretence. It was pure arrogance and ego fueled by petty juvenile emotions. It seems as though all my primary motivations stemmed from the need to impress and gain acceptance from other people and myself. It's humbling to know that it's taken this long to become fully conscious of this neurotic mechanism which plagued my subconscious mind like a virus. Luckily, this imbalance has steadily subsided as I've learned to become more mindful of my feelings.

Now that I ego-checked myself, I can properly discuss what has happened and why I've happened upon the subject of Magic. Recently, I had the epiphany that Magic is real, or at the very least, the word "Magic" can be used to describe phenomenon inherent in reality. Magic became open to me when I had a shocking mystical experience of sorts roughly two weeks ago. Unfortunately, what I saw, or felt, is too much to even try describe in words. My attempts to access these memories result in a sense of fear, a fear of the radical power of the Ultimate Truth, which is a clear result of my imbalance. Ceaseless confusion arouse after this experience, but in the end, I walked away with one fact clear in my mind. The universe is completely, utterly, a mental construct. It's alive, everything I've experienced is intimately connected with me and my mind, to the point of being indistinguishable. The entire "external world" is actually the internal world. The internal world works hand in hand with the external world. My thoughts, emotions, words, and imagination are inevitably connected with what we call "Physical Reality" or "The Real World" or "Life". The greater implication of this fact is that I was wrong about what I was. Whatever I am, it's much bigger than what I was lead to believe. What I am is something that is pushing everything that's occuring in "reality" including both the mind, body, sensations, and every possible manifestation that occurs within the universal awareness, which is what is occuring right now. These words are appearing. Whatever it is that is allowing these words to manifest and appear, that is The Ultimate. These words exist and are making an appearance inside The One Reality. If you are reading this, then you can verify that this is in fact The One. As you read this, notice that everything that exists in the entire universe is taking place right here in this awareness, the very same place in which these words reside. The One, also known as God, is the source of all manifestations and it's preeminent forever because all that occurs is The One. It's from this starting point that reality can be properly studied. This is the knowledge that is changing me and taking control.

The strangest thing about this realization is that it did not come from an outside source. It rose to the surface from deep within like a long forgotten memory. It was new and radical, but it came from deep within the subconscious.

As I reflected on this insight, I realized that many things I previously thought were ridiculous are actually extremely prodound topics. I once mocked religion, but I've began studying every religion and identifying the esoteric knowledge hidden within. I have become fascinated by the occult mysteries which are present in every notable culture, particularly the use of Magical Rituals. Magic, an art that is shunned by modern materialists, is actually one of the deepest subjects humans have studied. It is Life Mastery taken to its furthest levels. Magic is an ability that generally can only be accessed by disciplined spiritual practitioners, because only non-dualistic thinkers can understand how it works and have purified themselves enough to use it effectively.

Why do I say Magic is real? Because everything is Magic. Magic is the art of using Will to manipulate reality. When you are everything, using your Will to change reality becomes much more feasible, because it's a process that is constantly occuring as the subconscious mind is constantly calculating the entire universe and determining what appears. Magic can be done simply by making an impression on the subconscious mind calculated to bring about a certain result, and one can experiment with this and notice the results.

So do any of you practice any form of the Magic I am refering to? Is all of this pure innane, psychotic ramblings, or am I onto something?



Hey now this may just be a real awakening moment!  Believe it or not this means you are finally noticing yourself but don't let your imagination get the best of you because this is a tricky situation/ time for you .

Yes magic is real I define magic as being in 2 categories 

1 the mental 

2 the literal/ physical 

They go together however your not going to find real quality information on the internet about TRUE magic because true power is not given away for free and the other reason is that it is being used on you as we speak and so if you learned about it then you may figure out how and what kind of spells you are under and break them and that means they lose control over you and they wouldn't want that so instead the internet is over flowing with "information " about magic  in order to keep you plenty busy that way you never find the truth.

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On 4/18/2019 at 1:50 AM, Genghis Khan said:

My mind is gone.

Who's mind is gone?

You are still not gone

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