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I am being called to become more aware of my surroundings. I don't want to explain why but it is important that I answer this calling. Please give me your advice on how to do so. I think there are things happening around me that I'm blind to.


Edit/addition: The chatter in my mind has become strong as of late. Or, I am just more aware of it than ever before. I need a final solution to the chatter in my mind. It feels like everything is happening so quickly and I'm always in a rush. I need a way to relax and slow down. I don't believe in masturbation so that's off the table. I have tried meditation and I'm sure it will do wonders but I'm looking for a different answer. I need a way to slow down so I can perceive the things that sit in the rifts of space surrounding us.

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Part 1:

To answer the call I recommend to watch two of Leo videos:

- Understanding awareness.

- The highest hero journey.

Part two:

To slow down yourself do the following:

- Complete your task twice as slowly.

- Watch Leo video on Mastery 

- Focus on the process rather than getting it finish.


Hope that helps for now.

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You might enjoy the book Lead Yourself First. It is about the importance of solitude. It actually mentions MLK and how a moment of solitude was pivotal to him summoning the moral courage to move forward with the civil rights movement.



1. Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind. Constantly being "on" doesn't give your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. Being by yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. It's an opportunity to revitalize your mind and body at the same time.


The kingdom of heaven is within.

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