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So can anyone help me make sense of these dreams? I usually do not have many dreams while I sleep, or I do not remember them when I wake up. However, recently, I have been having these two distinct types of dreams, which are not a 'normal' form of dreaming. Both of them tend to occur during short naps of about 20 minutes and never during a full night's sleep.

Type 1: This is where I am flying at high speeds with too much wind around me. I'm afraid I might crash into something, but I don't. It is as if I'm converted into a buzzing bee of some sort. And then whomever or whatever I think of, I am instantaneously in their presence. I thought of my mom and I was there where she was travelling, observing her from 'above' like a bird. I thought of my brother who lives on another continent and I was there- he even threw a pillow at my face like he usually does to annoy me. I felt the actual weight of the pillow and had trouble breathing but could not move my hands to remove it. And that is when I told myself (still inside the dream): "Okay, it is time to LAND." And when I land on the 'ground', I could move my hands, and the moment I open my eyes, my alarm goes off. 

This has happened more than once: There is a beeping alarm in the background and I tell myself to ''land'' and the moment I do, my alarm goes off.  The first time this happened it freaked me out. I've never had any lucid dreams before, is this it? Though I do not think I realized I was dreaming. But I woke up feeling extremely refreshed and replenished as if after an 8 hour sleep. 

Type 2:  This is where I am aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm not a part of the dream. The dream tends to occur in a circular frame in the center of my forehead and there are only images, no sound or sensations. The images are fading away or zooming out at a high speed and if I try to make sense of them, they vanish immediately. I have had images of people talking, plants or leaves in exquisite detail and just random crystalline images. This type usually occurs a couple of minutes before I wake up and do not freak me out like the other one.  

I do not meditate or do any kind of yoga as yet, at least not regularly. And I have not changed anything in my daily routine recently. I just seem to be extremely exhausted when both of these tend to occur. 

Can anyone relate to any of these? 

Thanks a lot. 

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You have very interesting dreams. Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself like your job and what your average day looks like and if possible when your dreams started? 

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@Amun Sure - All my days are more or less the same - I work as a freelance designer, and that takes up about 4-5 hours a day, sometimes a couple more, the rest of the day is spent in journalling, reading, cooking, cleaning and exercising. I have a very limited social life so my interactions with other people are limited to work and family. 

The dreams started about 6 months ago - they are not very regular, since I do not take afternoon naps most days but they do tend to occur when I am extremely physically exhausted. I remember telling myself to 'relax' a couple of times just so I could manage to rest in the short amount of time I had for a nap. I think my mind is too tired to be occupied by thoughts which I usually have before I go to bed at night. That may have something to do with such dreams.

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