How to boost testosterone naturally?

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How did you do it? Tell me about your experience.

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The amounts you get naturally are kinda genetically driven which is why some guys grow more hair than other, deeper voices etc..

There are some things you can do to maximise your production: 

  • reduce stress - all testosterone is made from cholesterol and so is cortisol If you are stressed your body will take more cholesterol towards cortisone pathway and less towards testosterone. 
  • make sure you eat regularly - as cortisol is high in the morning, staying fasted will ensure high cortisol and low testosterone production, eating will balance this as insulin helps reduce cortisol. 
  • weight bearing exercise, drives muscle growth which stimulates growth hormone and testosterone
  • sex also gives you a temporary boost, masturbation doesn't work like has something to do with the survival, alpha-male mechanism, survival of the most masculine to ensure the production of offspring and maintenance of key sexual charactaristics....don't know much about that i'm afraid. 

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