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I'm starting a business and have been working super long hours in pretty stressful situations, so I've been feeling a lot of anxiety and stress recently. I started doing the following routine for the past couple nights, and it's helped me decompress a TON:

-Stop all work for the day no later than 7:30pm, preferably earlier, put the phone on do not disturb, and eat dinner.

-Take a long, hot shower and just pay attention to how I'm feeling/what's worrying me/stressing me out.

-Make a hot cup of chamomile tea, and process these stressors/anxieties by journaling.

-Read a non-fiction book in bed.

-Lights out with at least 8 hours of rest time before my alarm.

What do you all do to decompress in the evenings? I'm always looking for new ideas that could potentially be more effective, so I would really appreciate any input! Thanks in advance :)

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journaling sounds good.

i‘d recommend meditation to calm the mind if you don’t do that already, also yoga could help you balance, you could adjust it to what you need for the day - if there is too much energy you choose a more intense sequence and a more relaxing if you are tired but too nervous to sleep right away. other options are running or going for a walk in your area to get the mind free.

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Maybe add some deep belly breathing into your routine? 

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