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Weird physical sensation during meditation

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Hello you lovely people.

I have been meditating for 3 months almost on a dime, and today I had a powerful experience. 

I have been doing 30 minutes daily with more or less success, but today I put in the extra effort to go deeper into awareness.

I would say it was after 20 minutes when I felt a sense of disorientation. Almost if my room started shaking if I was on a ship under heavy storm. More exactly it was a more rapid experience. Almost as if some gravitional waves started pushing and pulling me. 

Simultaneously I had rapid eye movement, and I focused on not to control it.

The next part was a sense of falling into myself. I am doing my meditation in a wooden chair with my back straight, and my palms relaxed on my thighs in an upward position.

The feeling was kinda like if my hands were being pulled further and further away from my upper body.

Did anyone had any similiar experiences?

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