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What to choose?

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So I left school 2 years ago and have some university offers for sport and exercise science along with Psychology. Can't choose what to do as 2 years ago I got into sport and exercise but backed out due to lack of focus also the uncertainty about if it were for me. I found it to be quite heavy in Mathematics and Science, so my reason for choosing it again was because I enjoy sport and also go to the gym regularly.  I enjoy topics such as human optimisation and often enjoy watching psychology related content. I do have an interest in Physiology when it comes to things such as benefits from cold water showers and improving diet etc. So the life purpose course came up with Personal Trainer for me a couple years ago. I haven't actually done it for a living yet but don't expect much money when it comes to paying rent and when it is such a competitive industry. So my mission was to help people to become happy with themselves through strength training. I have done Go for your win by Aubrey Marcus which pretty much told me to gain a better understanding and to live out my dream day which was really just an improvement of my quite solid daily routine outside of the work part as I don't currently hold a job. I'm closing in on completing JPs self authoring Suite which my future section was a little jumbled. Kind of between trying University and then becoming a Police Officer as I think it suits my circumstances also my top 3 values Purpose, Personal Development and independence. So yes I'm a bit confused with it and some advice to work from would be great thankyou.

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