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Ross Labby

Life Purpose - Music or Athletics?

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Hi, I think that I have finally gotten over the initial resistance of accepting my calling to music. It actually feels really good. I feel a lot more grounded and confident now. I know that I have already made a post asking about what does the resistance to athletics mean on another topic, but that was rather just a minor question on my mind. About a week and a half ago I began feeling massive resistance towards athletics and also looked at that fear straight in the face. It shocked, scared, and confused me to what this meant. Some part of me was thinking "oh shit.. is that my life purpose?!" or "is it the need to be more physically active?" Because here's the thing, I am passionate about music, while on the other hand I am not so passionate about athletics. I am aware that the more you resist or fear, the more you should pursue and are more passionate about. However, like I said, I do not feel passion towards this pursuit but still feel resistance and fear. Although I enjoy playing sports and used to play them competitively when I was young, I have given that up for the most part. And while I did and still do (to some extent) like to play competitively, it now seems pretty shallow as a pursuit for a life purpose (doesn't align with my top values) . Also, recently I have redone my Zone of Genius and Impact Statement exercise. My Zone of Genius is a toss up between "Creating emotional and thought provoking art" and "Being spontaneous and playful", while my impact Statement is "Creating art that raises the consciousness of others by making them feel and think more deeply".

So what do you think this all means? Is it just a resurface in cravings to participate in more physically demanding activities? Should it be a part of my life purpose? Or is it something else? And I am sorry if this seemed repetitive from my last topic. I really just want some more clarification and other perspectives on this issue. Thank you! :) 

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