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Last night I took a large dose of ketamine (leo doesent recommend ketamine because it's addictive, but a vendor accidentally shipped me it so I thought I might aswell use it). Not gonna buy any more after anyway.

The first time I used it I was just about to meditate when I took a line of it, and it felt sooooo connecting and deep. By the end of the meditation sit i had gone into a slight trance and my eyes were filled up with tears ? it was lovely like.

But...*yesterday* I took a large portion of it and i actually remember somehow knowing that if I took one more line I was not gonna be the same person afterwards. I took the extra line and EVERYTHING started speaking to me. The whole of my surroundings was speaking directly to *me* at one point it *literally* spoke the words "enlighten me" twice. It's hard to describe how it felt. It felt like it was all there just for me lol ??

I have never had such a confirmation like that before. I had to just sit and stare at it. There was an incredible feeling of connectedness between me and everything else. At this point in my journey I'm experiencing some doubts and questions but it become sooooo transparent that this was because I was slowly getting ENLIGHTENED! It felt amazing. I got a huge insight. The insight that I need to LET GO. My whole life I'd been trying to control my spirituality, trying to closely monitor my emotions and everything...I realised that any mental illness or anything I had in the past was there because I still hadn't let go!

During last night's experience I also had sensations of deep understanding, incredible clarity and major major simplicity. My surroundings also spoke to me "I just woke up and I'm here and that's all I know" haha it was AMAZING. Unfortunately it was also clear, near the end of it, that it wasnt enlightenment. But sure, it'll come eventually.


This is DEFINITELY setting me up to take 5-MeO-DMT and stuff. I realise that letting go is a big big factor...I guess I didn't even know how to let go before this experience. It was like there was no space between me and what I was watching. 

In my opinion the most important thing I got from these experiences was the clarity to see that I am DEFINITELY on the right path. The path to end all paths. There was also a heavy sense of childishness to my experiences, it felt like all of the deep philosophical teachings of leo and mooji and all the enlightened boys were just so easy to see and so simple. I feel ready for 5meo now ? this was a lovely experience. I know that my confusion and disorientation will only grow now though...so there's that to look forward to ?

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