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I have a personal Instagram account with around 700 followers, this account is one I don’t really use anymore.

Do you think it’s a good idea to promote my YouTube channel to my followers? (my channel is focused around creating unique personal development and spiritual videos) 

The only reasons I am hesitant is because

  1. I have a fear/insecurity of putting myself out there, although usually the people that put themselves out there get the most respect and exposure which is good for my channel long run.
  2. A lot of my followers are people I went to highschool with. Is it even worth trying to promote higher spiral dynamics videos if most of these people are really stage Orange/materialistic, or could it help them?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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"Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart, to give yourself to it."  - The Buddha      My YouTube Channel



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I would reccomend first growing your YouTube in other ways before presenting it to people in your direct environment. When they see your video's are actually being watched they will maybe be interested but otherwise it just not good for your social dynamics. But the choice is up to you.

It's not like you will suddenly get 700 subs, most likely a lot will think it is weird because you challange the status quo and some may like it but you shouldn't lean on that to grow your channel. Try to tap into online communities that are already thinking about this stuff.

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I have 15,8K instagram followers and I decided to launch my YouTube channel through Instagram. I made sure I had a high quality introduction video, which I payed a friend of mine to do (He's great with the camera). I also payed for the music track license and made sure it all looked really professional. All my friends and family, people I date etc follow my Instagram, so I just did not have the balls to promote something that's low quality in front of them.. I got 100 subs for my new YT channel from almost 16K Instagram followers, so don't expect miracles.

I get most of my YT views and traffic through Instagram stories, but I do have the swipe up function which you don't get until you have 10K + followers. I don't know how effective it is at 700.

I would advice you to promote your channel through Instagram if you're proud of your content. Proud of what you're saying and proud of the quality. If you like what you're doing it doesn't matter to you what everyone else thinks. It will most def get you some new subs and some views. If you look at other personal development youtubers they use Instagram as well. (Ralph, Aaron, Teal swan ++) They make 1min teasers of their videos and post it on IG.

You need balls to put yourself out there to help elevate the collective consciousness. This path has already made you and me weird in the eyes of most people. ;)

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...But what if the opposite is true?

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