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Energy Healers B.S? WATCH THIS

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wow that´s so interesting, Im usually quite sceptic about these things but this guy seems legit.
This is TV so obviously extremly subjective and try to shove only one perspective as they are very unscientific. Otherwise they would have done a blind study, ie the patients would not know he was there and so on. Not that it would disprove if it didnt work since there is nothing to say that the energy needs a visual and emotional connection for it to work. This is the uselessness of science ;-)

BTW have anyone felt what people call "psi balls" ie when you put your hands close together you feel like there is a magnet there pulling them together or apart. Or some feel heat?

I Do and it´s quite interesting...still not sure if it´s my mind making it up...But I can´t do it with my feets or any other way, only my hands.....

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