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Hi thank you for reading my post.

So I have successfully monetized my life purpose and been doing financially well. This past year I made around 100k completely from my business around my life purpose. 

I noticed many business aspects, which I have to attend to, really suck my passion out of me and my work. Here are some examples… yes I know they are kinda of petty… this is my first business by the way.

  • I had a big increase in income then a following a drop in income. I had a knee jerk reaction and started worrying and freaking out. I started panic worrying that my business will die. I keep thinking all the possible ways how my business can get fucked and try to prevent them. Now it's just irrational worrying.


  • When I start doing some fun artsy fartsy stuff - the business side of me says stuff like "this is a waste of time" - this doesn't help generate more income - remember 80/20 principle? (80% of your results are come 20% of what you do) this artsy fartsy crap is not in the 20% of what you should be doing. This started happening when I started doing my life purpose oriented business full time. Now my survival is tie to my business performance.


  • I am a one person business, so I do everything. I feel if I don't constantly work on my business, keep expanding it, and keep improving my art that my business will die. For past few years, working on my life purpose and the business has been my sole focus to everything else. I literally have no social life and hobbies. Most of my day (everyday) is just working on the business. I feel I'm missing out on other stuff? So the question is, how do I know when I can work on other areas of my life? I feel my business is never enough. I feel my income is never enough. I feel my skill and my art is never enough.


Questions more specific to @Leo and or anyone else who feel that can answer them

  • Do you still have the desire to grow and expand your business? (make more money, get more known)? I feel that if my business is not constantly growing then it will die. But my passionate side just wants to focus on creating cool stuff. But I keep fearing about money and time allocation.


  • How do you handle fears of your business getting fucked? For example Leo -what if your Youtube channel disappeared? What happens if people start getting disinterested in your content? How will you survive? What is your plan!?


  • Are all the *products* you do all for passion now? Do you still actively think about the business side of things?

PLEASE LEO! I bought your life purpose course and book list! And probably will purchase anything else you make.


Any advice and or book suggestions from anyone is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my post.

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I am still a newbie at business, but one thing I have learned through my years of teenage entrepreneurialism is to delegate everything that is not a vital part of your business, for ex. hiring a proper accountant if you don't work in finance or buying a website if you are not a designer. Maybe you have some work that can be contracted to someone else yet you unconsciously insist on doing it yourself.

By the way, what is your life purpose, if you don't mind sharing?

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@optimize First of all, these are quality problems. Acknowledge how far you've come. You've build something rare and you ain't done yet.

Secondly, yeah! Welcome to survival! Survival is a cut-throat activity. It is not easy to balance between business & art. It is not easy to run a conscious business. Which is why virtually no body does it.

Yes, your business can get fucked at any time, and if you neglect it for too long, it will probably die. Such is life. There is no life without death. The solution is to accept it and face your fear of failure/business-death. I used to get these fears a lot. I still get them to some extent but a lot less so after my many mystical experiences, which teach me that death is inevitable and nothing to be afraid of. After you experience a few physical deaths, business death doesn't seem so serious any more.

That said, if you are going to be running a business you should run it well, strategically. Think about ways to make your business more future-proof and self-sustaining. You can do that without being paranoid about it. Make the distinction between being strategic and proactive vs being paranoid. You can do one without doing the other and vice versa.

Of course your survival is tied to your business performance. Business IS survival. The solution here it is not get too wrapped up in survival. Yes, survival is necessary but don't make your entire life about survival. Don't make your entire business about survival. You must skillfully evolve your business beyond survival to incorporate play, artistry, beauty, and consciousness. This must be done while still keeping one eye on your finances. Just like how an artist cannot paint all day long without eating food. But it would be a mistake for him to get so paranoid about food that all he does all day is eat food and never paints. A balance must be struck between eating food and making art. Likewise between business and art.

Most successful entrepreneurs end up workaholics. You should probably make time for other stuff like relationships, travel, spirituality, etc. Do that without neglecting your business. If you're earning $100,000 you should have enough money to hire a bit of extra help. Consider hiring an online contractor to help you out. Consider how to align your art with your biz.

Yes, I always feel a desire to grow and expand my biz. But I have to be disciplined and say NO! to lots of opportunities because biz is not as important as spirituality, for example. I pass up on a lot of opportunities because biz cannot be your #1 priority in the end. That way lies disaster.

How do I handle fears of my business getting fucked? At this point I've basically stopped caring. I've almost stopped caring if I die. This was made possible through spiritual work and profound mystical experiences which show me that biz and life are just a hallucination. None of my life or work really matter. This is all just a game. It's being done for fun and artistry. You could get run over by a bus tomorrow. So why worry about it? Getting over the fear of loss of my business took many years of work. It also helped that I saved up a comfortable nest egg. My YT channel could die tomorrow and I would still be able to live for 15 years without working. I strategically designed it this way. You can too. Not in a week, but in a few years time you could.

Sometimes I still think of the business aspects of things, but at this point in my life, career, and development I spend more time thinking about living in a cave than running a business. You are not at this point yet. Maybe you'll get there in 5-10 years of work. It all depends on what your goals are for your life. For me, the point of business is to enable my passion and artistry. Design your business such that it allows you to do your art. Artsy fartsy stuff is not waste of time if it part of your life purpose and your life purpose is fueling your biz. The whole point is to align all these things in a balanced way.

If you set up your business properly, you should be able to take time off to pursue spirituality, travel, leisure, art, relationships, etc. That will take some years to actualize, but it's worth it. The first few years of building a business usually requires LOTS of hours of non-stop work. But the whole point of all that work is so that in the future your business is more or less on auto-pilot.

Tie the artsy-fartsy stuff to the success of your biz.

Remember the importance of dynamic balance. See my balance video.

Have a long-term strategic plan.

Automate, outsource, and streamline stuff as much as you can.

Fear is always a psychological self-deception game. Your fear is something you want to contemplate and face head on. Just building your biz more is never going to solve the fear of losing your biz. Your biz could be making $1 billion per year and you'd still fear losing it. Even more so! Because fear is never based in reality, it is purely mental. So explore that. To really overcome fear you must do deep spiritual work. Fear is inevitable without enlightenment.

Overall, you're on the right track. Just fine-tune things and take it to the next level. Next level does not necessarily mean: more money & bigger biz. Next level means: a new balance, or action at a higher level of consciousness.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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this topic made me look at life in a way i have never looked before, thanks.

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