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The more I realize my parents become elder, I feel so urge to get married!

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It may sound silly for many of us, but that is indeed what I think of sometimes in my life.

The more I realize my parents become elder especially when they get sick sometimes,the more I feel so urge to look for someone to get married, especially in this year  that I have never felt so urge before.

Another triggering reason is Because this year my aunt got colon cancer which was in middle phase. With no choice Now she has been in the long-term chemotherapy which is painful.

Because I don't want my parents to end up one day seeing me still single , that's so cruel to them.

I want to do it before it's too late.

So,I can  have my own family earlier.

And Have a baby so that my parents can look after the baby. Thay would feel more fulfilled and happy, and a sense of continuity of family bloodline.

 They would have a much happier and fulfilled retirement life like their peers.

I think this is one of the main meanings of marriage,at least in China here.

Just some of emotional epiphanies. 

What's your opinion? Any advice? 

Thank you~


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Live as though your parents are dead

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@Jeff Zhang we subconciously or conciously live for our parents like what would they think if i do this or that or what should i do to make them accept me love me so i can make them happy and you bring your life decisions into that and then you f up your as though they are gone and then do what you want to do even though they would hate you for a while but then they would brag about you and saying stuff i belived in you all this time and if you live with thinking what to do for them they in the end would think you are a nice guy but nothing special....

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