Conflict between Enlightenment and Life Purpose

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After I took the Life Purpose course, it became conclusive to me that Life Purpose and Enlightenment will not go together. Here’s why: Life Purpose is about driving yourself to make an impact in the world. But this can only work if you are stuck in the illusion of control. In reality, you have no control whatsoever. As soon as you realise this (Enlightenment), driving yourself is no longer a possibility. As soon as you become aware of non-doership, you can no longer drive yourself to do anything, because you have no control over anything at all. So, how does the enlightened person live then?  They follow their integrity/heart. Spontaneous movement happens based on what the heart desires. For most people, it is impossible, because it is blocked by all of your fears. As soon as you clear your fears, you can just spontaneously follow your integrity. You become a slave of your integrity. Wherever your integrity tells you to go, you go.  So this brings us to why Life Purpose and Enlightenment really do not go together: The notion that other people need your help is a false belief. When you set off for your Life Purpose, you do things based on the belief that you are doing good in the world, you are helping others. But notice that this is a belief with no evidence at all. Reality is already perfect. Your heart will not tell you to do anything so baseless. You will just live your life moment to moment.  So now you ask: Enlightened teachers are out there changing the world. I can see them. Yes, you are right. Many enlightened teachers have written books and do workshops. But how they arrived there is very different to what you imagine.  One basic principle of how your heart works is out of love. It follows love. What does that mean?  If somebody asks you for help, you operate on the principle ‘why not?’. If there is no legitimate reason against it, you say ‘yes.’ Whatever people ask, your heart says ‘yes’ if you can do it. If people ask for a workshop, you do it. If people ask you to write a book, you write it. And that is how your integrity operates. You help people only when they ask for help. That’s it. If somebody did not ask for your help, then the only thing that would drive you to help such a person is a baseless belief that they need your help, which your integrity will never buy. Even if the person seems to need your help, the most that your integrity would tell you to do is ask that person if you can help them. If they say no, that’s the end of it. Even if they are starving in the streets, once they say no you leave. They are doing fine.  Your heart will say ‘no’ if there is a legitimate reason why not. And that’s when you say no. You live your life as a flow, not decideding and controlling anything, but being a servant to your heart and giving when people ask. Driving yourself to do something and ‘making an impact’ is not possible. Because you can clearly see that everything is perfect other than your beliefs.  
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