How is Maya seducing us?

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@now is forever Hm.., but I can just sign out and be save?

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it 

- A Course in Miracles

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@Timotheus sign out of what? signs? life? good luck. be careful and read the small printed stuff in advance it’s hell of a mess when the devil has once entered.

by signing out you just sign in to something else. and sometimes you don’t even realize in advance, it’s just another maze.

but a sign is not a pictogramm sweety ;)

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On 12/5/2018 at 8:21 AM, Timotheus said:

I don't know. Whenever I think, IT is close or distinctions begin to collapse, things just happen:

I immediately get new great insights on how to improve my life, old friends write me I haven't heard from for a long time, girls smile at me or chat me up.


Sounds familiar?

The idea of Maya itself is the true illusion. It's archaic ideology used to manipulate you into thinking the Absolute Void is what you should strive for. The Absolute Void is pure, unconditional love, in umanifiested form. The Relative, the world we live in, what is incorrectly referred as an illusion, is where that love is given an opportunity to express itself.

Do you think it's a coincidence that it hurts in increasing intensity when you resist what is? Resistance is the opposite of love, it's the opposite of your true nature.

This life, the Relative, is the most beautiful, important, meaningful, real existence you will ever know. Has life ever suggested to you otherwise?

Insight, healing, growth, connection, this is the Truth you've been searching for. That is Absolute love manifested in the Relative, it's pure unconditional love. 

The demonization of this existence is one of the biggest blunders in humanity's spiritual development, that we're still recovering from. When we should be encouraging people to be radically authentic, being completely honest with themselves, we instead tell them to suppress the way they feel at the deepest depths of their soul. It breaks my heart seeing people torture themselves because of the dogma of men who lived thousands of years ago.

If you completely surrender to love, to unbridled honesty, to authenticity, experiencing the Absolute Void will come effortlessly. Then you can start rapidly spiraling up into a spiritual life you never could've even dreamed of. Let love carry you, it's been waiting to catch you your entire life.

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