What do you find meaninful in your work?

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@Elisabeth Meaning comes from storytelling, so tell yourself a story in your head. If you want a meaningful career, tell yourself a story about your career with you as the main character. It doesn't even matter what the career is. And as helpful as darkness can be for storytelling, it's not even necessary. If you just tell a story, meaning will come flooding in.

The man who changes the world is the man who changes himself.

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13 hours ago, YaMayka said:

And in the meantime I would like to live a happy life which is very hard to do at the moment in my boring job where I have no freedom which is still organised as a blue system and I am yellow.


I wouldnt define freedom like that regarding life purpose but you can still do it:

On 8.10.2018 at 2:22 PM, Nahm said:

@universe Freedom from meaning, is freedom from thinking, is freedom of love.


If you want to be happy, become free of needing meaning in your work to be happy.

You can be happy and still try to improve.

The question is, what do you really want. Happiness or meaning? What else do you like?

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