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Powerful Astral Projection / OBE Tutorial

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For those interested in leaving their bodies (naturally and drug free even!) and experiencing all of the benefits of doing so. This video makes it sound very easy to leave your body. It largely seems to be about timing and intention. 

A few principles / instructions stated in the video:

  • Don’t interpret your experience in one way or another. I.e. don’t call it an astral projection, dream, lucid dream, hallucination, reality, visiting spiritual realms, experience in your brain, etc. Just experience it. 
  • Go to sleep with intention to leave your body that night, and to appear in front of your mirror, then eat something, then do your personal goal. Your goal could be to access some information, or to travel somewhere, or to speak to a dead relative, or to have fun, etc etc. Anything. 
  • Set an alarm for about 5-6 hours later, and 2-3 hours before you would normally get up. 
  • Wake up, get out of bed, and do something for anywhere from 5-60 minutes (could be an excellent time for some meditation or yoga). 
  • When going back to bed, tell yourself with intention “I’m going to wake up and try to leave my body”. 
  • You should wake up within about 60-90 minutes more or less  (you always do but aren’t aware of this). 
  • Keep your body perfectly still (helpful but not necessary... i.e. don’t give up just cause you moved), and try a number of techniques for a minute or two.  
  • Most of the techniques are basically “moving your body, without moving your body”. You can levitate, if that doesn’t work “stand up without moving a muscle”, if that doesn’t work “roll over without moving a muscle” etc. 
  • Appear in front of the mirror closest to where you’re sleeping. 
  • Eat something. 
  • Fulfill your personal goal. 

I’m in no way experienced in this. I’ve only tried this half heartedly for only a few nights but can tell it has some serious potential. Each night I am getting closer and closer to leaving my body. Last night, despite not being under the best circumstances at all, I felt the most unbelievable sensation of... basically the outline of my body beginning to lean up and leave my body (as well as a loud high pitched ringing in my head). It felt literally like I was leaving my body, leaning up and just about to separate entirely. Almost as if there was a body inside my body, and the first body was leaving the second. But the first was ghost like. 

I stopped myself short of leaving entirely (as I have a few times), probably out of fear and from freaking out. It’s definitely a bit scary, but lots of things are when you first start. Can’t wait to keep trying. 


Anyways hope it helps some people. Would also love to hear about anyone’s experiences with OBEs and astral projection! 

“Curiosity killed the cat.”


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I always remember my first OBE .
it's so much easier to get one when you have a real desire for it...
And yes , I got the high pitch sound , like a tuning fork , vibrations like electricity going through the body.
But what was really incredible, is the instant switch , between being fully awake , to an OBE...
not like when you go to sleep , and dream ,and there's gaps between dreams... here it was instant.
And everything was so books started flying through the window , like birds to what seemed to be a little tornado outside my house , and I followed them , through my window , found myself flying slowly ... I even heard music ... gary jules , mad world ...
and man that was so beautiful, it was like... crystals could sing... each note was flawless , and each note came from me... it wasn't outside of me , it was like the music came from myself , to myself...
there was several blackouts , but I remembered at one point , watching my hands and arms , they were made with smoke filled with little bright dots.
like a nebula filled with stars.

I had more ...
One time , I woke up from sleep , take a look at my ceiling , and watch it with geometric patterns , like a kaleidoscope... it freaked me out , so I woke up in my bed , for real... it was as real as real life.

but my weirdest astral projection was undoubtedly this time when I woke up at 4 am , with vibrations , then I went into an OBE , flying into a very dark tunnel made of brown smoke...
I went through it in like what appeared to me ... 5 secondes ? 10 maybe ? I remember having seen something terrifying at the end , something I cannot remember , something in that time I called madness , it's like in Lovecraft's book , about cthullu , something so horrific to comprehend that it brings madness... so I woke up ... at 7 am.
the whole trip took me 3 hours in real life , when in the OBE , it only took 10 secondes.



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Thanks so much for posting! I watched the first hour last night, followed the summary above, set my alarm for 3am, got up for 5 minutes, returned to sleep and soon after I had the most lucid dream I've had in years. I wouldn't call it a full OBE, but I did feel myself separating from my body, went to the mirror, grabbed food, and had set the intention for my personal goal, and sure enough met my spirit guide as I had hoped. It still felt dream like and I wasn't able to control the situation after a few minutes; it collapsed into more of a dream state. An hour later I had another dream that involved flying. Can't wait to try again tonight and continue to practice. Thank you!

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