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Hi guys, i am new here. I am 20 years old guy, studying dentistry. But i don't want to study dentistry, i am very passionate about electric guitar. But i think that i will not gain much money with it. I live with my mother, and she will feel really bad if i quit dentistry. I want to learn coding but i do not have a vision there. I have not enough information about any job. Long story short, please give some ideas to me. 

Sorry for bad english.

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@hikmatshiraliyev I think the most important thing here is how you want to handle your commitments. You have already racked up debt for the schooling by coming this far with it. If you drop out, the debt doesn't just vanish. I think you should at least finish and get your degree so that your debt is actually worth it.

There is nothing wrong with just using your skills and knowledge to fund your dream. You can become a dentist and earn enough money to live comfortably and afford more lessons for the guitar and just keep playing on youtube and such and funding the dream with your career. This degree doesn't mean a death sentence to your dreams. It just means you have a guaranteed, secure fall back. 

Just take some time to figure out what you want and what all of the consequences of your decisions may be. The obvious solution would be to just quit and go for a different career, but what will that effect if you do? If that makes sense. 

I wish you luck! this is a pretty tough and scary time for people your age. But all you need to do is just take the time to consider ALL of the angles to your circumstances and you will at least be able to wisely create a happy future for yourself :) 

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