How do you balance life purpose and consciousness/ non duality work?

By BestSelf in Personal Development -- [Main],
So i've been kind of struggling with these two things lately. I developed this whole vision surrounding my life purpose and the kind of life I want to lead and person I want to be. I wrote it all out, and have been reading and visualizing it twice a day for a good while now. During this time I really started turning my life around and have made a lot of strides towards my different goals  and have had more hope for the future than ever. However, as I have gotten more into this personal development work and specifically consciousness/ non duality type work, my mind has started to go all over the place and struggles with comprehending the two together. After learning about non duality and what increasing ones consciousness is supposed to ultimately lead to, it makes me question whether this life purpose and vision I have set out on is truly the right path for me. I'm wondering if this self concept tied into my purpose and vision would hamper the consciousness work and finding who I truly am at the core as well as seeing reality for what it really is. I don't want to give up this vision though as I feel like if I do I have no idea where I am going or who I am trying to be and get lost in negative thoughts. emotions and over analysis. My mind is just kind of all jumbled with information overload and what I should really be focusing on here. Does anyone have any advice on how one can go about balancing the two?
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