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Hi all, I started this topic because I get inspired by one of Leo’s videos.

I was born moslem and I believe in its God but is still questioning life as a moslem. 

Qoran is as metaphorical as the Bible. To be honest, my knowledge is very likely not enough even though I went to moslem school and they gave me a lots of Islamic teachings. 

Abrahamic religions,

It’s very obvious from whoever not them that all of these religion are from the same source. A lot of religious people I know see them different and not from the same source.

my questions:

1. Have u ever read any of them? (Which?)

2. If yes

3. What do you think about the idea that there is a very deep secret in these a very metaphorical literatures that is supposed to be from God

4. Will anybody interested to decode them?

What do you say if somebody told you that they can be compared to Veda?

i am not sure if the videos I checked few months ago about how all civilization raised up everytime the knowledge of God spilled, if anybody interested checking.


Thank you  

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Interesting thing about awakening,prior to it, I had never read a religious scripture,esoteric writing or philosophy text  in my life. Mostly because it didn't make much since and I assumed most,if not all of it,to be written based on myth and philosophy. After awakening I started looking into some of these writings and texts and, surprisingly, found I could understand the bulk of what was being said. From the eastern writings like the vedas, upanishads, baghavad gita, tao te ching, etc.,- to the christian mystics,NT bible,western esoteric writings etc., I haven't looked at the Quran,but from these writings and text's I have looked into, they all carry very similar messages about the "Reality" or "God." The reason,and what can only be the reason, imo, is the ones who wrote or delivered those words in spoken and written form were speaking from an awakened and/or realized state. Not some made up philosophy or religion,which they were later turned into.
Undoubtedly there is also the mix of myth and metaphor as well, depending on the culture in which they were written,but the central messages and themes are very similar across the board in reference to God or Reality.

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