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4 minutes ago, Pernani said:

I tried to do a few strong sits b4 and what always keeps ruining them is when the pain gets really intense I start thinking abt how im gonna ruin my knees and joints! I actually used to feel knee pain when I would walk for a while during that time.

Another is: I do the do nothing technique along with it and when it starts going deep my head just lifts up automatically without me realizin it 

It sounds to me like you're falling asleep or getting damn close to it. I know my head does the same thing when I'm flirting with sleep while meditating. While sleeping is of course not "allowed" during a SD sit, having your head lift up automatically doesn't break the rules of a SD sit, since it's not a conscious movement. Same as having a twitchy muscle. If it's beyond your conscious control, and it's not caused from sleep, you're still doing a SD sit. 

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On 8/12/2018 at 4:01 PM, Tony 845 said:

Ok, Hi I am new on this forum, I have been doing self inquiry, mantra mediation & strong determination sitting for about a year now, the longest I've ever sat for is (2 hours & 5 minutes strong sit) 

i have a some questions for everyone.

shinzen young has a video out its about 17 minutes, saying it's one of the fastest way to enlightenment, but in another interview he said he didn't become enlightened this way it was through self inquiry that really drove the nail home for him . But he also said that with the strong Sits that the pain went away & it became quiet? & that pain didn't hurt anymore so what is that like the 1st phase on enlightenment? Also after enlightenment do you still dream? Also is enlightenment the end of all anxiety? 

Also thank you Leo Gura for starting this forum you have helped me out during the worst times of my life, as well as Adyashanti, Echart, shinzen young & many other awakened/ liberated people. ?


I tried to create a topic about this a few days ago, it’s the only thing I’m currently interested in after trying everything. As I’m no longer interested in experiences that can’t be replicated in a sober state , no matter how “profound.”

the thing is , if you are sitting in decent position, your body is not going to be in any danger of harming itself. For most people, they will stop because the pain becomes so severe, it feels like you are causing injury.  If you sit through the excruciating pain, which fortunately comes in waves and isn’t constant due to endorfin release, you can get up after a two hour sit with no numbness or pain of any kind.  Thus the excruciating pain basically meant nothing and was a creation of the mind.  This is obvious logically, but to have that experience is pretty valuable, because the extreme states , including  the pain and mini highs  is ultimately illusory.    

im trying to build up to very long sits to see what the monks see, but it is so much more rewarding than regular meditation , I doubt I’ll ever meditate in comfort again.  It also forces me to meditate properly, because if I let my mind wander it will inevitably convince me to stop.

You must either focus on the pain , which paradoxically helps, or the void or pure awareness/ whatever you want to call it.

I’m betting that once I build up to 3 and 4 hour sits, it’s going to re contextualize how the body interprets emotion and not just physical pain, and will thus be extremely valuable  


((the first milestone referenced by the op is basically that even during the meditation the pain often completely subsides for long periods of time. This feeling is extremely empowering … like where did it go, was it even “real

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