Reply to Your Morning Rituals

By Igor82,
@Amilaer--- Sometimes I mix some with the bananas, but just for nutrient purposes. Its a lot of sugar, but sugar is only a problem when its absorbed by the blood to quickly, which makes it have a high glycemic load. We fuel ourselves primarily with carbs, and simple sugars are the best, which is found in bananas. There is no difference of the sugar in bananas as opposed to refined sugar, but the difference is in how much water-soluble fiber is consumed with it. The fiber forms a gel-like substance in the gut, supporting a balanced flow of sugar into the blood as opposed to the "spike" of refined sugar (with no fiber). I take this by believing the research, but my proof lies in my lack of diabetes, fat (and unhealth). Interestingly, ripe bananas carry the precise amount of fiber necessary to give the human body the optimal digestion, and assimilation of the sugar.