This entire quest for truth is pure masturbation

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10 hours ago, MiracleMan said:

I thought that's what the big bang was?

O my god, you may be right!

Maybe this whole universe is just one big orgasm and god is still having sex and is about to reach a second orgasm?

Imagine if reality reaches a second orgasm!

A second big bang within the already existing universe!

A strange new world, colliding with ours, strange forms of matter appearing from seemingly nowhere, strange new physical laws start warping our world, leading to mass confusion and possibly the ultimate destruction of the human species and all life as we know it.

But our goddess doesn't care.

She just wants orgasms.

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On 4/20/2018 at 5:00 PM, Lorcan said:

In all seriousness.

This guy has got a point.

Everything, is literally nothing. All this stuff expressed linguistically we are doing at trying to get closer to the truth in counter-productive to getting the truth (what I am saying now, is included in this). It is indeed mental masturbation because...

Bottom Line: The origin of anything down to its source is a mystery. So far, reality appears to this Absolute Infinitum Mind-Fuck Groundless Irrational Strange loop thats all consuming. So all-consuming in fact, that this statement is included and now is invalid.


There is a big problem with language and using it to try get at the truth, language ALWAYS makes assumptions, and when you try to get rid of these assumptions, you get stuck in this infinite circular logic circle jerk mindfuck.


So really the best way to describe the truth is this



--------------------->                                                                       <-------------------



See that? See what I have put in between the arrows? Nothing. It makes no assumptions, because it isnt doing anything.

AND FUCK. There you go again. I made another assumption, oh. And look, I just made another one, and another one, another one....



As you can see.  


The illusion is so total, everyone just gets mindfucked into absolute oblivion.


Maybe we should just accept the illusion and lies. How is anyone supposed to solve this?

I don't think it's for the mind to solve, hence surrender.  The illusion is just that, an illusion, so the totality of an illusion is still just an illusion.

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