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So a friend of mine introduced me to subliminal affirmation videos. The theory I understood to be behind them is that you listen to audios with affirmations going very quickly in the background so that you can't really understand the messages, but your subconscious can. This way you can receive affirmations without conscious filters and receive affirmations effectively from the messages.

Have any of you tried these videos? Any experiences? What do you think?

There are videos for plenty of stuff and I think you could also learn to make your own. Many videos have outright silly and dumb purposes but I guess that's the internet. Just as an example video here's a more normal one https://youtu.be/IzCHIy4jMt8



Also, I was told to avoid youtube channels MindPower and MindAudio, as they have apparently included toxic messages in their videos.

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Haven’t heard of it before, but I thought about similar kinds of things in the past. Generally I don’t trust them. If they could work, it’d be too easy to abuse them. And, why not just face it head on?


imo if an affirmation is something you can’t believe... it isn’t good one for you. 


I like affirnations a lot. But it’s important to only push yourself enough that you believe you could be it right now, and if not right now, by the end of the day with that affirmation in practice. That is when I find affirmations most effective - as a tool to remind me of what I want to become, and yet remains believable, obtainable.

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