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That's it.


After i am done writing this i will grab my handgun and kill myself. I've written a note for my parents as i intent killing myself in the bedroom i grew up in. The atmosphere is perfect, it's rainy outside and very windy. It's dark and my bedroom is lit with this very low light bedside lamp. I put on Beethoven's moonlight sonata on a loop on a very low volume to enhance the very sad experience that will be experienced by my parents. I imagine them running in my bedroom after they hear the gunshot just to discover their son's body on the floor with blood all over the floor and a very emotional sound playing in the background. The rain outside will only amplify their sorrow. I am doing this because without them i couldn't even been writing this. I owe my death to my parents. It's because of their desire to experience sex that they will experience what it's like to see their son dead on the floor and blood leaking through the bedroom's door into the hallway. After this experience they will never have sex again, their lives forever be affected.


I'm writing this here because i want to thank Leo for his amazing content he has produce over the years. Please save your comments to yourselves, let this thread be closed or junked, if there is no absolute right or wrong then it shouldn't matter.


Anyways, Peace my brothers and Sisters ... See you on the other side!

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Do not bastardize these teachings. You are acting irresponsibly, out of lack of proper and full understanding.

Don't do anything to physically harm yourself or anyone else.

Take a break for any personal development work and re-ground yourself in something enjoyable.

Whatever nihilistic mood you're in right now will pass.

Do not taint spirituality with such irresponsible behavior.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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