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Where to go for Vipassana Retreats?

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Hi Everyone!

I am very interested in finding out more information on Vipassana retreats and classes to take.  Which events do you go to?  And do I need to take a course on vipassana to better understand how to practice it correctly?

I currently practice meditation using TM (Transcendental Meditation) and from what I heard it's very similar to Vipassana.  As much as I love TM and the health benefits I'm experiencing from it, I don't like the fact that there is such a time restriction on the meditation.  Anyone who took this TM course (from the official TM website and affiliated teachers) would know that you're only allowed to do TM meditation twice daily for no more than 20 minutes, unless you are a student, pregnant, or are so sick you can't get out of bed.  Which permits you to meditate more only if you fall under one of those circumstances. 

Thanks for your help and guidance!

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@Leo Gura -  Any input on your experience with Vipassana would be awesome!  Was that the type of meditation you were practicing while you were in Hawaii?  I was talking to Phil today about Vipassana.  He probably would like to know your answer as well. Thanks!

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