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20 hours ago, moon777light said:

i know but after a while of eating nutritional yeast i kinda got sick of the taste :( cashews are yummy tho :)

Yeah when i first quit dairy i always wondered about cheeses and yogurt but now i cant picture eating dairy ever again when i have well made cashew cheeses or other nut/seed cheese that taste better and are far healthier, coconut yogurt and soy milk some other examples and replacements.

You just have to find the right recipe or a source that has perfected the art. Every bad or junk food can be made with healthy ingredients and actually taste better if its made right. Most of the time they don't taste good cause they aren't experienced enough to make healthy versions but once they get the knack of it, its WIN/WIN.

I never saw how i enjoyed milk from a cow its disgusting but i guess we become used to it over time like all other food we were raised on and conditioned to believe they were good for us until we decided to stop and see for ourselves how much better we can feel and function on a more whole and natural diet/lifestyle.


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