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Leo i just want to share my opinion about your retreats.

Not that i know better than you but because i have SOME knowledge about physiology i wanted to let you know that:

•Your sleeping schedule in your retreats fuck up your hormones. To explain: you have excessive stimulation of your sympathetic nervous system which is role is to release stress hormonee like cortisol. When this happens everything that is related with this system (brain) make your brain act in the same way. In simple words, your brain produces MORE THOUGHTS.(PLZ DONT SAY BRAINS DONT EXIST HAHA ;) )

• I dont know what you are eating in your daily life but if your are not eating based on your Metabolic type® you stress your body too much which basically does the same thing as the above ( plus you become sleepy , foggy , not clear thoughts , and cant concetrate). Also this happens when you are not rotatings the food you eat snd you eat the same foods in an given categorie ( Rotation diet)

• sometimes more is less and less is more... why i say that.... i would suggest that you walk for 15 minutes between your sessions (slow walking and if you can syncronize your breathing with steps 3-5 steps inhale-3-5 steps exhale... and i said more is less and less is more because i know that if you walk in its session you will loose time for your formal sits...

•Lastly, it will really help you having some energizing zone exercises ( based on chakras) which are literally 1-2 minutes, that stimulate your brain in becoming more active at concetration!


All the above is from the work of paul chek but because i use all of his knowledge practicly they really really really help me....

If you want to thank me go buy his book how to eat,move and be healthy.

P.s it will BLOW YOUR MIND if you have a small working out routine how much it will help you with your retreats. Meditation is very yin (energy in) .... if you dont balance it with yang (energy out) you have sympoms like heavyness sleepingness tiredness lazyness and many many more.

I dont believe that i know any better than you i just wrote this article as an idea for some tips for you retreats. I hope you have a great day leo!

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Well, there is always good with bad and bad with good, so we chilly

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