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Leo's giant fur ball and my interpretation.

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Here's what Leo wrote a few hours ago and it serves as a good metaphor I think..

"Reality is an infinite singularity. It is ONE object. On the surface of this "mega-object" are sculpted an infinite number of surfaces. One of those surfaces is your present experience. This object contains every experience ever possible simulateously. There is no consciousness. There is only this object. You are it. But right now you only identify with being a tiny part of the whole.

Imagine a giant fur ball, where each hair is a creature such as yourself. This ball contians all creatures and non-creatures alike because it is infinitely hairy.

It looks precise as your present experience shows. You are presently being one of those hairs. But you are also the entire ball because the ball is made of nothing but hairs."

My elaboration and interpretation: 

Imagine that this hairball exist within a space. Of course this is just imaginary since the fur ball is everything that is.

The added space just serves to explain my insight conceptually.

Anyway, if the fur ball move upwards in the space it will increase its consciousness as a whole, it raise its collective consciousness so to speak. And in a corresponding way, it lower its consciousness if the fur ball moves downward in this imaginary space.

Now, "you" as a hair are tied to the hairball. And given this circumstances you can't improve "your" consciousness that much if you work upon yourself. Maybe you can improve your position within the hairball, but that's pretty much it. Lets say you can improve your consciousness by a length of a hair to continue this metaphor. 

But people spend their lifetime on improving their "individual" consciousness to gain enlightenment or whatever, not realising they are on a hopeless journey as long as they are tied to the fur ball as a whole. 

Working on raising consciousness is a great thing though, probably the greatest way to spend time. But to me its obvious that their is only two approaches to do this in a way that will work and be rewarding. 

1. You stop working on "yourself" and working on the whole. This way you work upon the collective consciousness and as a result you move the whole fur ball upwards, if you raise the whole, that means you raise your individual hair as well(since you are tied to the whole). You will end up with a greater gain in consciousness for "your" hair then what you've done if you only worked to improve "yourself"(your own hair). This is very much Leo's path as I see it. He works mainly on the whole, now planning to do traveling to meet people as a compliment to actualized.ord, forum and youtube teachings.

2. Here you need to cut all the ties with the whole in order to work only to raise consciousness in your individual hair so to speak. This way "you" will make huge gains in consciousness, but you can't relate to the whole anymore, it will start to look bizarre from your point of view. It will even start to look bizarre to see people communicate, you are beyond that, you are above thoughts. You will feel complete as this path continues, with intimate connection to impersonal consciousness and intuition, with absolutely no demand for anything the whole has to offer. By cutting ties here, I mean to choose radical solitude. You will no longer have any traction upon the whole(society/people). Your consciousness is above what runs the show on lower levels(the whole)      

Leo and others, please elaborate! 


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Isn't it so, yes or no? 

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In the fur ball example there is no such thing as consciousness. There is only the ball. What you call consciousness IS the ball!

What you think of as consciousness you will ultimately discover is just BEing. BEing is what everything is. And what it is, is litterally undefinable. It is a substanceless subtance. It defies all categorization. It neither exists nor does not exist, etc.

It is just actual infinity.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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Is that the full qoute of what he said?

I recognize two components of the ball:

the perception which is the tiny hair, and the witness which is the ball itself,

your eyes open: perception is only what is perceive, cointained by human senses which can be very deceptive,

perception is made of senses and mind.

close your eyes, no distance: you are now in the guts of perception, In witness the whole is self-contained, which is NOTHING!.


When we say: “This table is material,” we say that it is not free to move. When we say: “You are a conscious being,” we mean by that, that you are free to some extent. But if you become consciousness itself - as you go deep and know the source and know that you are consciousness itself, not a conscious being. Consciousness is not a quality attached to you. You are consciousness ( you are totally free. So proceed from anywhere. Either be more free or be more conscious, and the other will result automatically. Be more free and you will be more conscious. You cannot be more free unless you are more conscious. Be more conscious and you will be more free. You cannot be otherwise, because consciousness creates freedom. And when you are absolutely conscious, you are absolutely free. Then there is no cause and no purpose for you to exist. Then everything is a happening, and happening is a leela. Osho, Are you self-realized? How do you explain your relationship with existence and with people? One who says that he is self-realized, is not, because realization always means no self. The word self-realization is contradictory: if you realize, you know there is no self. If you do not realize, then there is self. Self is the non-realization. Realization is the non-selfhood. So I cannot say that I am selfrealized. I can only say that now there is no self. There was a self - but that was only up to the door. The moment you enter the temple of realization, you find it no more. It is a shadow which follows you up to the door - and not only follows you but clings to you.. Only up to the door: it cannot enter the temple. If you have to save it, you will have to remain outside. The self is the last thing which is to be thrown. If one is to realize oneself, the self is the last thing which is to be thrown. And one can throw everything, but to throw the self is impossible, because even the effort toward self-realization - even to endeavor for self-realization - is an effort of the self, of the shadow. If you knew beforehand that the moment you realize, you will not be, you will not try. You will say, “Then what is the purpose of it?” So all the great teachers have used words which are fallacious. Self-realization is a fallacious word. But you will not understand if they say “no-selfrealization.” It will become absurd. But that is the real thing: no-self-realization. Only Buddha used anatta: no self. Anatma: no self. Only Buddha used it. That is why Buddha was uprooted from India: he was thrown out. And Buddhism could not get roots until Buddhism began to use the word self-realization. In China and Japan it again came back, again began to use self-realization. Buddha used “no-self-realization.” I am also using no-self-realization. That is the only realization.


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One’s center is not one’s center, it is the center of the whole. 

And the ego-center is one’s center.

That is the only difference, but that is a vast difference.- 

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I can liken this to a grass field where each person is like a blade of grass. Each blade represents consciousness but it's no different than the other or the entire field because it's all made of grass. 

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INFJ-T,ptsd,BPD, autism, anger issues

Cleared out ignore list today. 


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