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Hey guys,

Although Enlightenment is probably the only way to stop suffering as there is no self, for most people that is still far away and they seek more practical help such as watching the mastering emotions vid.

My question is what to do if you cant find an alternative in a negative situation. If you cant actually see the positive side like Leo does when explaining this video. 

Or is it better to follow the more recent videos on topics such as these.


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 This is very key. When you can sit and watch the emotions in the heat of the moment, look at them very objectively, detach from them, learn from them, just by watching them alone can be enough to stop the emotions and negative feelings.

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I get what you're saying. He talks about it in some of his enlightenment FAQ questions. Enlightenment is the ultimate goal and the key to your salvation and true freedom. At least from what I studied.

But that doesn't mean you can't fix any of your emotional problems in the meantime. There are lots of ways to fix any negative emotion, which I'm assuming your reaching out for help for. I wish I could give you a definite answer but it varies on the severity and type of problem your encountering. If it's a very surface level problem. Such as a negative thinking habit, a not so deep limiting belief, laziness, etcc. then you can find a lot of simple fixes on Leo's channel. 

If it's a very deep emotional problem your seeking help for then you have to go deeper. The deeper the problem the deeper you have to dig. For things like depression, apathy, anxiety, fear, anything that's constant through your life. Not necessarily a one time thing, then it's time to start digging deeper. Read psyhcological books. Books that cover the concept of shadow work, childhood wounds, self-esteem. But you can also take a direction to just "bypassing" this obstacle. Like developing a deep life purpose, giving meaning to your life. Sometimes just taking such a positive direction in your life can completely or drastically reduce the effects of any crippling emotions. Do both in my opinion. 

Wish I could you a more tailored plan but I don't know your issue, nor am I extremely knowledgeable in this issue. Just want to reach out to you because I faced the dilemma before.

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